Busca Slalom

The Busca Slalom is developed in conjunction with PWA hotshot Ingmar Daldorf. With his effort we have been able to set the new benchmark in terms of slalom fin performance.

Stiffness recommendations

Choosing the right fin stiffness is challenging, how to choose between soft medium or hard. Go as soft as possible but as stiff as necessary. Softer fins give more lift at the expense of high end control. By using a softer fin you will have more foiling potential but the fins will be more tricky when sailing overpowered(the fin will kick the board out of the water at a certain point). When you use a board at its lower end wind range(for example a medium 70cm slalom board with 8.6M) you can benefit form a soft fin that generates enough lift to not make the board sticky. For the upper wind range of a board(for example a medium 70cm slalom board with 7M) with a stiffer fin you will gain top end control and it will help to settle the board down.

Key features:
  • Purpose optimised profile
  • Redesigned shape to match powerful wide tail slalom boards
  • Layup according to the latest PWA insights
  • Handcrafted in precision CNC machined molds using high quality Lloyd’s approved materials
  • Sizes: 34-54
  • Available in three different bending curves
  • Recommended rake: -3.5° to -5.5°
  • Price from €200