Name: Ingmar Daldorf
Sail n°: NED-191
Date of birth: 12-09-1991
Weight: 95 kg
Height: 1.92 m
Facebook: Ingmar Daldorf NED 191
Disciplines: Slalom, formula
Home spot: Amstelmeer, The Netherlands
Favorite places: Tarifa, Spain
Hobbies: Surf, fitness, spinning, biking
Other sponsors: Windsurfing4you

Ingmar’s story

I was born in the Netherlands and when I was seven years old, I started windsurfing along with my father and brothers. After my first session I was addicted to the most beautiful sport in the world. In the beginning I did a lot of bump & jump and freestyle, but after a while I got more interested in racing. The battle between the competitors was and still is, very exciting. I want to spend as much time as possible on the water.

  • Second Overall NK Slalom 2015
  • 4th Overall EK Slalom 2015
  • 4th Overall WK Slalom(Sylt) 2015
  • Second Overall NK Slalom 2014
  • 4th Overall NK Formula 2014
  • Second Overall EK Slalom 2014